Warranty & Rebates

EyeOne Contacts honors all manufacturer warranties therefore all correspondence involving contact lens product should be directed to:

EyeOne Contacts
17 North Medical Park Drive 
Fishersville, VA 22939


Issues relating to quality, medical criteria, manufacturing standards or liability issues should be directed to the manufacturer of your contact lenses.  

Many manufacturers provide rebates for quantity purchases of contact lenses.
We will make you aware of the available rebates when giving you a Price Quote.

Submitting Rebates
1. If this is your first order for contact lenses, after being fitted, you may be eligible for a special 1st time wearer rebate from the manufacturer.
2. After mailing in a receipt for your contact lens fitting and a receipt for your contact lens quantity purchase, you will be eligible for a contact lens rebate.
3. Your rebate check is mailed directly to you from the manufacturer.

Check for Current Rebates